Nashville, TENN. – Teddy Robb is a bourbon guy. Preferably on the rocks. After the second glass, there’s a moment when it can go one of two ways for the Midwestern singer/songwriter. “There was a moment this time last year when I think we were all seeking solace in the bottle, and I started thinking about country music and its love affair with booze and asking ‘where else do you get a better buzz?’ And it dawned on me, it’s so obvious. That’s when ‘Whiskey Can’t’ was written.”

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Robb together with Pete GoodJosh Jenkins, Brandon Ratcliff and Kelly Archer set out to debunk country music’s overt obsession with booze, instead shifting the perspective to a bottle-free buzz.

I’ve been three sheets to the wind 
But I ain’t never been this drunk
Never had a harder time getting out of bed 

Or waking up 
I feel something different
When I got you in my hands
There ain’t a better buzz
Girl, you do what the whiskey can’t

“Teddy has worked so hard to raise the bar as a writer and performer.  His work ethic has really blown my mind. He’s the first one in the studio, and the last to leave,” shares Robb’s publisher and Monument Records Co-President Shane McAnally. “‘Whiskey Can’t’ is proof of the time and passion he has poured into his craft.”
Also produced by Good, “Whiskey Can’t” is the first new music following Robb’s debut 2020 self-titled EP, and latest single “Heaven on Dirt,” that went to amass over 100-million worldwide streams making it the highest-consumed EP from a debut country artist since 2015 that did not include a Top 40 radio single. 
“I’m a song guy,” Robb adds, “and while I know I can’t out-write this town, after releasing a few songs I absolutely loved but did not write, I’m really proud and humbled to release a song that was my answer to the buzz we all feel when we meet someone that excites us.” 
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About Teddy Robb:

With over 100 million worldwide streams to date, and a fresh new single “Whiskey Can’t,” Teddy Robb has burst onto the county music scene. His laid-back vocals and authentic songs bring a distinctive country & midwestern style to the genre, that led American Songwriter to comment “there is a distinctiveness to not only his vocal approach, but his style.” In 2020 Teddy released his self-titled debut EP, which was the highest consuming debut EP released by a country artist since 2015, without a top 40 radio single on it. With his newest single “Whiskey Can’t,” Teddy brings his unique perspective to a classic country narrative.